GO.43 Teachers Transfers Amendments New Norms
 GO.42 Rationalization Amendments for UP School Pattern
 GO.41 Aided Teacher Posts Recruitment by Unaided Eligibles
 GO.40 Ban Lifted on Aided Posts Recruitment
 GO.107 CPS Employees Retirement Gratuity Death Gratuity

 Rc.4102 Dt.10.6.17 Rationalisation Clarifications
 Guidelines for Submitting Transfer Application & Web Options
 Rc.190 Dt 8.6.17 Transfers Clarifications
 Rc.190 Dt.7.6.17 Transfers Clarifications
 Rc.190 Dt.6.6.17 Transfers Shedule & Guidelines
 Rc.4102 Dt.5.6.17 Rationalisation Clarifications
 GO.33 Rationalisation GO 29 Amendment
 GO.32 Edn Dt.4.6.17 Teachers Transfers
 GO.31 Dt.31.5.17 Teachers Transfers
 Rc.4102 Dt.30.5.17 Rationalisation Clarifications
 Rc.4102 Dt.24.5.17 Rationalisation

 GO.29 Dt.22.5.17 Rationalisation Edn 


 GO.172 Dt:27.8.16 New DA@ 15.196 from 1st July 2015
 Rc.01 Enrollment Drive 2016-17 Schedule Mana Vooru Mana Badi :: Admit Card
 Rc.500 Cancellation of Deputations of Teachers

 GO.64 Operational Guidelines for Employees Health Cards
 HM Account Test December-2015 Results Sheet
 GO.62 Bills Submission to Treasury - Date Schedule Updated Orders
 Rc.518 Physical Literacy Training to Teachers
 GO.91 Enhancement of Funeral Charges from 10000/- to 15000/-
 Rc.820 DSC-2014 Teachers Trainings Guidelines
 GO.23 SSC Eaxms Duty Rates SSC Spot Valuation Rates
 GO.20 Common Exaamination 6-10 th Detailed Process
 GO.12 Carry forward 5% Marks to X Class Common exam system-Details
 Rc.55 Dt.14.3.2016 MDM Timings during Half Day Schools
 GO.17 DSC 2014 Amendment in Selection of Posts
 GO.39 Pensioners Death Relief enhanced to Rs 15000/-
 GO.36 APGLI Enhanced Slab Rates PRC Rates 2016
 Rc.2038 ELs for APOSS Duty2014-15
 Lr.No.3320 SMS Elections Procs & Schedule :: Guidelines
 Rc.2 Half Day Schools in AP from 8th Mar 2016
 GO.31 MDM Cooking Cost Enhancement Rates
 GO.84 Extending Medical Reimbursement Facility 31.03.2016
 GO.22 Retirement Gratuity 12 Lakhs from 2nd June 2014
 GO.19 Dearness Relief to Pensioners with effect from 1.1.2015
 GO.18 AP New DA 3.144% DA Raised to 12.052%
 Circular.2999 Dt.30.12.2015 Income Tax Deduction Circular
 GO.6 Retirement Gratuity Enhanced to Rs 12 Lakhs

 Rc.2 Collect Rs.10 for My Capital, My Amaravati, My Brick from Teachers and Students

 Rc.25 1.1.16 Work Adjustment-Within the Mandal Instructions
 GO.3643 AP General Holidays List 2016 AP Optional Holidays List 2016
 Rc.25 Work Adjustment Clarifications Revised Schedule
 GO.171 PRC 2015 Special Pay AllowancesHM Allowance for Teachers
 GO.159 PRC 2015 Blind,PH Allowances Conveyance Allowance Rs 1350
 GO.152 PRC 2015 AP LTC New Rates
 GO.150 PRC 2015 AP Travelling Allowance Rules 2015 AP TA on Tours Rates
GO.139 Retirement Gratuity Enhancement to 10 Lakhs
 MDM Menu Details Day Wise
Rc.94 Samaikhya Andhra Porataam 33 Days ELs Proposals
Rc.3183 Rationalisation/Transfers Clarification
GO.2877 Sep21 Bakrid Festival is on 25th Sep-2015

 Nellore District Tentative List of Teachers who are Completed 8yrs PS/UPS
 Rc.25 Dt.12.09.15 Rationalization/Transfers Clarification
 Revised Schedule for Rationalization and Transfers

 Rc.25 Dt.09.09.2015 Revised Rationalisation Guidelines
 GO.112 Uploading CPS Contributions of Foreign Service Employees
 Rc.25 Dt.03.09.2015 DSE AP Teachers Transfers Guidelines Rationalization Norms

 Memo 38540 Stagnation Increments Clarification PRC2015
 Rc.25 DEOs send the Model Primary Schools Deleted List or New Addings
 GO.66 AP Teachers Transfers cutoff date 31st Aug 2015
 GO.63 AP Teachers Transfers Rules 2015
 Themes of New Education Policy 2015 in Telugu
 Rc.375 UP level Training Schedule for Maths/Science & PS Teachers(URDU Medium) Guidelines
 GO.53 Conversion of Success Schools into English Medium Schools
 Details of Hoisting Flag on Independence Day
 Rc.646 Monitoring of Child info from August 2015 Instruction to DEO/POs
 Rc.25 Verify Roll, Public Requests before Establishment of Model PS
 GO.39 to 51 AP Model PS Establishment Guidelines and Orders
Anantapur :: CTR :: E.G :: GTR :: Krishna :: KNL :: NLR :: Prakasam :: Srikakulam :: Visakhaptnam :: Vizianagaram :: W.G :: YSRKDP
 GO.99 GIS Savings Tables 2015-16
 GO.98 AP Lifting of Ban on Employees Transfers 15 Aug
 NLR Model PrimarySchools, Merged Schools List MP :: Municipal
 Rc.746 July25th Clarification on Joint Signatures for Releasing of Founds till Formation of New SMCs
 Rc.375 AP Primary Teachers Training Schedule & Details
 Rc.spl/TB/2015 Holidays on 20,21st due to Pushkaralu
 GO.30 AP DIETCET DEECET Admission Rules 2015
 GO.85 AP PRC Bills through HRMS
 AP Vindam Nerchu Kundaam Radio Lessons Schedule
 GO.27 APREIS Retirement Age 60 Years
 Rc.375 In-Service Training to the Teachers of PS
 Memo 3572 Spl Pay&Allowance continues without any change
 Rc.746 MEOs are Chairpersons of SMC from 29th June
 Memo 3856 Aided Staff PRC Implementation Guidelines
 Memo 3292 Tablet PCs to Municipal HS Head Masters
 Rc.2 School Readiness Program 2015 :: Guidelines of Readiness Program in Telugu :: PS Day wise Details Tel :: Mat :: Eng
 GO.75 General Transfers Ban Lifted in AP till 30th June
 GO.581 Aadhar Cards / Ration Cards in Place of Residence Certificates
 Memo.748 Ramzan Permission to Muslim Employees
 Rc.01 Urdu Medium School Timings in Ramzan
 GO.70 CMFS named as E-Nidhi
 GO.69 Ban on AP Transfers due to MLC Election Code
 GO.68 AP PRC AAS Implementation
 GO.67 AP PRC Stagnation Increments
 GO.66 AP PRC Additional Quantum of Pension/Family Pension Sanction
 Rc.25 AP Primary Schools Rationalization Guidelines Norms
 AP PRC 2015 PRC Fixation Memo 3856
 Rc.82 Schools will reopen on 15th June 2015
 GO.58 AP Transfers Max 3Yrs and Min 0 Yrs
 Rc.65 SSC Advance Supplementary Instructions and ELs
 GO.46 AP PRC-2015 43% Fitment
 GO.47 AP PRC-2015 DA Allowance
 GO.48 AP PRC-2015 HRA
 GO.49 AP PRC-2015 CCA

 Promotion List Proforma for PS :: UP

 APPSC Dept Test EOT,GOT May 2014 Session Results With Names
 Rc.27 Summative-III Exams Schedule(PS,UPs)
 Rc.13 Conduct PS,UPs School complex meeting in 1st week of April
 GO.33 Samaikhya Andhra Strike Treated as Spl CL
 GO.19 AP Pratibha Awards Selection Guidelines
 GO.15&16 School Educational Subordinate Service Rules for SA Telugu&Hindi Promotions
 Rc.36 New Timings for PS,UP,High Schools
 GO.183 Last Date for Arrear Bills prior to 2nd June extended to 28th Feb 2015
 APPSC Departmental Test Notification 3/2015
 GO.62 Permission for engaging 1252 VVs in Muncipalities
 Rc.118 Prepartion of 9th,10th Pre-final Papers at Schools
 Rc.181 Jan27th Inspections & Visits BADIBASA Instructions
 GO.7 OP Treatment for chronic Diseases-Certain Amendment in Tie-up
 GO.6 YSR Study Circle renamed as NTR Vidyonnathi
 Memo.307 Instructions on BADI BASA in Schools by Edn Dept Officials
 10th PRC Report Volume-1 for AP-Analysis
 GO.8 Arrear Bills prior to 2nd June to be Submitted by 10th Jan
 Rc.59 Sankranthi Holidays in AP Schools from 10th - 18th Jan
 GO.159 Health Cards should be issued to all Employees,Medical Reimbursement continues up to 28th Feb 2015
 GO.3956 Dec5th List of Holidays for 2015 in AP
 GO.289 Dec5th Enhancement of MDM Cooking Cost in AP from 1st July 2014
 GO.150 List of Govt Hospitals in AP for Chronic Diseases EHF
 Cir No.4988 All Network Hospitals should Accept Health Cards
 GO.215 Permission toFill 1252 Municipal Teacher Posts
 GO.213 Nov20th Filling of 9061 vacants of Teachers through DSC
 GO.38 AP DSC 2014 Guidelines- AP TET cum Recruitment Test 2014
 GO.210 Guidelines on Deduction of Contribution for EHF
 GO.209 Contribution of Two Days Basic Pay to CMRF for HUDHUD
 Memo.11925 Work Adjustment of Teachers within mandal/Nearby mandal
 GO.135 EHS - Detailed Guidelines on Out Patient(OP) Treatment for ChronicAilments
 GO.134 Employees Health Scheme-Modifications/Amendments
 Rc.13 National Educational Day and Children's Day Celebrations 11th & 14th November
 Rc.13 Teleconfarence to School complex HMs,MEO,MRGs to Implement PINDICS
 Rc.646 Child Enrollment With Aadhar Seeding in Janmabhumi
 Rc.25 Providing Subject Teachers to needy Scools on Work Adjustment
 Rc.783 Engaging of Part Time Instructors in Art,Health&Physical Education in the UPs/UP sections of HS
 GO.2597 On Prepartion of Arear Bills for Period before 2.6.2014 & Medical Reimbursement
 GO.72 AP Post Matric Scholarships 2014-15 Guidelines
 GO.199 Dearness Relief DR to AP Pensioners at 77.896%
 GO.198 New DA 77.896% to AP Govt Employees from 1st July-14
 GO.3337 Bakrid Festival Changed to 6th Oct in AP Instead of 5th
 Rc.118 Cancellation of DCEBs in AP
 GO.226 Release of Grant for Toilets Maintenance & Drinking Water
 GO.29 Committee to Suggest reforms on IX & X Class Reforms
 GO.295 AP Enhancement of Upper Age Limit for Direct Recruitments from 34 to 40 Years
 GO.194 Revised Orders on Final Encashment of ELs due to Reorganization
 Rc.1417 U-DISE Schedule , HMs Instructions Submission Instructions Brouchure
 Rc.141 Dasara Holidays from 26th Sep to 5th Oct-DSE Clarification

 State Best Teachers selected list-2014 & NFTW Awards-2014

 GO.121 Certain Clarification on Claiming of Pensioners Medical Reimbursement
 Rc.143 APSSA Guidelines on Summative-I Model Papers

 Revised School Academic Calender 2014-15 for PRIMARY :: UP&HS
 SSC Model Papers and Weightage for AP New Syllabus Telugu :: Hindi :: English :: Physics :: Biology :: Maths :: Urdu
 GO.175 Ban Lifted on AP Employees General Transfers upto 30th Sep 2014.
 Rc.141 New School Timings for Primary,UP,High Schools in AP-Instructions to DEOs
 Rc.374 Promotions on 1st Working Day of Every Month as per GO.67 Dt:20.11.2010
 Rc.15 Inspire Award Guidelines
 Vindaam Nerchukundaam Radio Lessons Schedule for 2014-15 for 3-5th Classes
 SSA 3rd Class IRI Lessons Teachers Module for 2014-15

 AP Employees Contribution of One Day Basic Pay to CMRF from Aug-14 Salaries
 GO.2248 Ramzan Festival July Month Salaries To AP State Govt Employees on 26th July
 Guidelines for alloction of State Services Employees between AP & Telangana
 GO.2676 Lifting Ban on Promotions and Appointments at District Level
 Rc.302 DSE-AP 9th&10th Exams in Old Pattern-No Change in Existing AP SSC Exam System

 Badi Pilustond (25th July to 2nd August-14) Instructions and shedule
 Rc.999 Instructions on FAC to Mandal Educational Officer - MEO Posts
 Rc.602 APSSA - Orientation Programme on U-DISE Data Capture Format through EDUSAT on 12th Spt-14
 Rc.707 DSEAP - Academic year 2014-15 Certain precautions to be taken in schools during the ensuing monsoon season
 Rc.203 APSCERT - Academic Montoring of SSA , RMSA & Teacher Education Activities-Con titution of District wise teams and Academic Cell
 Proc.Rc.No.271 - APSSA - Engaging of part time instructors-Certain instructions
 Memo.654 Ramzan Permission to AP Muslim Employees to Leave Offices at 4pm
 Rc.7 Utilization Guidelines of School Grant & Maintenance Grant for the Year 2014-15
 GO.147 Enhancement of Retirement Age-Applicability to Various Categories of Employees
 GO.63 AP Employees Retirment Age enhanced to 60 Years
 AP Gazette Notification Act.No.4 - Enhancement of Retirement Age to 60 Years 
 Rc.1 June24 Urdu Medium Schools Changing of School hours during the Period of RAMZAN
 Rc.142 Primary Level Teachers Training between 1st July to 31st Aug 2014 in AP

 Rc.8 Inclusion of 8th Class in 2441 UP Schools in AP from AY 2014-15 :: List of UP Schools

 Rc.660 Remuneration to the personnel working on outsourcing/contract basic in the DPO,MRC & School Complexes in the state with effect from June-14
 Rc.1485 Instructions on Reliving of Transferred in 2013 but not relieved
 Rc.2894 School education -Certain Transfers made on 1/2/2014-Ratification orders & Rc.1268

 GO.102 dt:14.05.2014 New DA 71.904% from Jan 2014

 GO.119 Sanction of Spl CL to Presiding Officers and APOs on the Next Day of Poll
 Rc.150 MDM Timings during Half Day Schools at 12 noon and SSC Centered Schools 1.30pm
 GO.436 Municipal Elections 2014 Remuneration Rates for Polling Staff
 Rc.1169 Aided Secondary 4th Quarter Salaries Budget 2013-14 Released
 GO.68 Mar 20th - Employee Health Scheme Contribution Recovery Stopped until further orders
 Cir No.464 ECI-Fixed and Uniform Election Duty Remuneration Rates from 2014
Rc.51/E1 Half Day Schools from 15th Mar-2014
 Rc.131 Summative-III Question Papers Distribution Guidelines
 GO.62 Dt 7th Mar-14 CPS Withdrawal Guidelines and procedure for State Govt Employees
 Rc.54/RVM Sarpanches for SMC Meetings
 Rc.641 Vindam Nerchukundam Program Monitoring
 GO.56 Dt 28th Feb 2014 New Modified GPF Admission Application Form
 GO.5 Govt appointed 31 Member Advisory Counsel for Implementation of RTE Act
 Rc.999 RMSA School Annual Grants 2013-14 RMSA Grants Utilization Guidelines 2013-14
 U.O.Note No.20332 Medical Reimbursement facility continue up to Mar 2014
 GO.39 Regularization of 28th Feb 2012 One Day Strike Period
 GO.26 Feb5th Free Consultation (OP), Investigation for EHS Patients-Amendment to GO.174
 GO.33 APNGOs Strike Period Regularization with ELs/EL to be earned/Eligible Leaves
 Rc.118 Jan31 DSE report to Govt on Encashment of HPL to Panchayat Raj Teachers
 GO.112 Norms for Utilizations of amounts received by the Govt Hospitals under EHS
 Memo.7380 C&DSE to Examine on Encashment of Half Pay Leave to PR Teachers and Submit a Report
 Rc.31 26th Jan Compensatory Working Day in 13 Seemandhra Dists is changed to 30th Mar
 GO.79 Committee to Look into the EHF Cases where the Treatment Cost exceeds 2Lakhs
 Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (RVM SSA) Changes in Program Norms 2014
 APAT - Notional Increments to DSC 1996 SGT,LP,PETs by Re-fixing the Pay in PRC 1999
 GO.16 Extension of CFMS Online Data Entry - Further Instructions to DDOs
 Rc.563 2Days District Level Orientation Program to MRGs in 16 Districts
 GO.11 Interim Relief (IR) 27% to Pensioners on Basic Pension
 GO.10 Interim Relief (IR) 27% to AP State Govt Employees Released 
 GO.2 Jan4th Deduction of Premium for Health Cards (EHF Scheme) from March-14



Teacher Information System-Printout of Your Data

Departmental Tests Nov-2015 Results for SR entry with Names in PDF Format

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Notification No.05/2014 ,Departmental Test May 2014 Session

EOT CODE 141 MAY 2014
 GOT CODE 88 & 97


NELLORE(DT) SGT-T Seniority List upto 31-12-2007 any Objectios b4 Oct20th :: Mandal Wise List

(District,Mandal wise Excel&PDF)


Employee Health Scheme Therapy List (1885 Procedure Names,Price&Treating Hospital)-50 Pages



Notification No.03/2013 , Departmental Test May 2013 Session




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NELLORE(DT) Promotion Senirity List

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2015 July DA-3.144% Ready Reckoner
2015 January DA-3.144% Ready Reckoner WORD & PDF

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CCE Consolidated Grading Register by SCERT AP
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